Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Diamond Woman, a proposition of Diamond Bank Plc, solely committed to the success of women in business and the home, has extolled women for their dexterity, industry and increasing value addition in the production chain of Nigerian economy.

Speaking during an event organized by the Bank to celebrate women as part of activities to commemorate International Women’s Day, Aisha Ahmed, Head, Retail Directorate, stated that Diamond Woman is passionate about the continued success of women in all spheres of life and therefore is committed to providing women unhindered access to relevant information, access to finance and business networking that will stimulate and enhance capacity for growth in whatever business they are engaged in.

According to her, the progress made by women in the last 100 years validates the truth that women could and will continue to make the expected progress and impact positively on the economy if given access to the necessary tools and support in the business place. She pointed that Nigerian women are not only industrious but also have the capacity to manage businesses and make good results. She spoke on the topic: ‘Women, live your best’.

“In the last hundred years significant progress has been made by womenfolk in various spheres of life, paving the way for other women to follow. At no time has the issues facing women been more at the forefront than now. But women need to run their own race. It is who you want to be that determines whether or not you are successful, you can make it happen as a women” Aishah stated.

The 2015 International Women’s Day, with the theme, ‘make it happen,” was organized by Diamond Woman in conjunction with the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) where over 100 women from all walks of life were hosted and celebrated by the Bank.

The women were unanimous that the progress required from them in the workplace and the various businesses women are engaged in could experience the expected growth as women network and create the enabling environment that would engender the discipline strong enough to produce good business outcome in the highly competitive business world.

Diamond Woman is a proposition of Diamond Bank Plc that is committed to the success of women in business and all spheres of life through the provision of access to information, access to finance and networking meetings that afford women the privilege to interact and get new business ideas and contacts.