Wednesday, September 9, 2015


1)    Routines are important- Not just important, routines play a critical role in the lives of parents and school children. As they prepare to go back to school slowly ease them into the routines of waking up early, bath time, breakfast and school runs. Also make sure you stick to a strict bed time and turn off any distractions (games, T.V and loud chatter). Since parents have to wake up so much earlier these days, early bedtimes will ensure your children sleep longer and get a good night’s rest.

2)    Be organized- A scattered parent does not a productive child make. Being organized is the key to a productive day for both you and your child. Always set out clothing and pack school bags and even your bags & work stuff the night before. Make judicious use of your weekends to launder and set out uniforms and clothing for the entire week ahead of time. This also applies to you as a parent. Plan out your clothing if you can during the weekend, so all you need to do is pick up your phone, bags and keys on the way out. It may also help to get up very early at least an hour ahead of the children so there’s plenty of time for you to finish up preparations.

3)    Have a lunch box routine or time table- Shop ahead and in bulk for lunch box supplies. Biscuits, fruits, juice and packaged food are better bought in bulk both and will save you both money and time.

4)    Label everything- Minimize incidences of lost or misplaced items by labelling your child’s school clothing and supplies. If you are unable to get customized labels or stickers, masking tape and a pen will work just fine for plastic items and permanent marker for the underside of school clothing

5)    Schedule a meeting with your child’s class teacher- It is not enough to know that your child’s teachers name is Mrs. Williams. Schedule a meeting with her and get to know her personally. Show interest in them as well as your child’s welfare. A good relationship with your child’s teacher is a necessary ingredient in your child’s educational success and overall wellbeing.

6)    Talk to your child- No matter how late you get back from work, ensure you speak to your child and ask them how their day went at school. Show genuine interest and ask questions about their friends and the day’s events. If by the time you get home they are asleep, ensure you have the conversation in the morning as they prepare to go to school or during the school run.

7)    Review Home work together- This is very important but unfortunately most parents are unable to do this religiously every day because of busy schedules. Learn together and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and let your child correct you. It only adds to the fun and joy of learning together.

8)    Do not underestimate extra-curricular activities- Let your child choose an extra-curricular activity they really enjoy and participate in it at least once a week. Extra-curricular activities help build social skills and self-esteem and ensures your child is well-rounded and happy.

9)    Keep records of school bills and receipts- Don’t throw away invoices or receipts when you get them, open a file for school expenses. This helps you as a parent keep an eye on your budget and expenditure.

10)    Find out about school discounts for fee payments- Most schools give hefty discounts to parents who are able to pay the terms fees in full or by a specific date. Take advantage of this if you can, you may not realize it now but you will be making huge savings on fees. The Diamond School Fees loan can help ease the burden of school fees payments with low interest rates and quick disbursement.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Diamond Bank presents the 60th DiamondBusinessXpress Seminar for entrepreneurs in Abuja

This seminar is loaded with industry specific trainings that would help entrepreneurs to deal with current business challenges in Nigeria, and to grow their business. 

Topic:  “Build People: Grow your Business”

Date:     Thursday, September 10, 2015.

Time:     9am to 2pm

Venue:   Barcelona Hotels, 23 Blantyre street, Off Ademola Adetukunbo ‎Crescent , Wuse 2, Abuja, behind Amigo supermarket

Fee:        N5, 000   

Keynote Speaker: Alahaji Oladele Abimbola Isiaka, MD, Oladele Construction Company LTD.

• Business Owners & their Team Leads
• Young Entrepreneurs
• Men/Women in Decision Making Roles
• Intending Entrepreneurs.

1)     Visit the nearest Diamond Bank branch to you to register

For more information, call 0700 300 0000

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